Date : TBD (June)

12pm - 6pm

Location: TBD



Want to see how it's really done? Check out our past winners:


Cost : Virgo can accept cash and credit cards at registrations.  

Please note the rates for both payment options:
CASH: First Time Visit: $40 / Updating: $10
CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: First Time Visit: $45 / Updating: $15 

Requirements :
Must have an ACTIVE account at
Must have Visa, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX on file
Must be legal to work in the United States
Must be 18+

Current Members :
If it has been over 2 years since your last photo or your look has changed please come to the next photo update. It's $10 CASH or $15 CREDIT/DEBIT for and update.

New Members :

Step 1 - Create an Online Profile

Please read our Pricing and FAQ’s, then create a profile at Please upload a valid credit card as well as any gallery photos you might have.

Step 2 - RSVP
If you plan on attending this registration please click here and fill out the following form to RSVP. Walk-ins are welcome, but we would like to get an idea of who is coming and what time you are planning on being there. These are not hard times you must commit to: just be at registration anytime between 12pm and 6pm. :) No need to re-RSVP if the time you plan on coming changes.

RSVP Form - click here:

Step 3 - Show up to registration :)
We can only accept cash at this registration (it helps us keep the line moving and makes everything go quickly). No need to print off any paperwork for this registration, but please bring a pen. :)

* Obtaining a photo does NOT guarantee bookings. 

Want to stand out?
Wear a colored top! In the past, we required that everyone wear a black top... but now our clients want to see talent in whatever colored top they wish! Make sure that you don't wear a top that would blend into a white background. :) Richer and vibrant colors work best. Just make sure to dress like your brand/type. :)

Here's a tip:
Jobs needing hand models are becoming more common. Make sure to take a photo of your hands, upload them to your profile, and tag your photo as "hands"! Also make sure your car info is listed on your profile.

Your photo fee pays for :

- the photo registration office

- the photographer,

- the processing of your photo

- photo shop and color corrections of your photo

- uploading of your photo to your profile